I am getting allot of new traffic and positive feedback man! I really appreciate the opportunity that you are providing for up and coming inavators. This is one of the greatest things yet, a real platform to get exposure . I’m very greatman coming from a long time fan of yours! #SlickLiving you the man bro!

- Yaniash Warren

Mr.Thomas thank you so much for that take over I already have about 5 interviews lined up and some wanting to work with me on building a brand together. This ment the world to me and have nothing but the up most respect for you. Honestly I want to work with you as well. I think as a team we could do some great things. Again thank you and hope we can work together soon.

- Tia C

I would like to thank you for the opportunity. It was amazing interacting with all your supporters and gaining new contacts to work with in the future. It really is amazing what you chose to do with Slick Living TV, to give people that don’t have a huge following a platform and audience to grow. Thank you for this opportunity, it means a lot.

- Kameron Royal

Hey!! thank you soooo much for the opportunity to show my work and just be myself, i had so much fun doing the takeover, Slick Living gang is LIT! ill always and forever rep SL, i got tons of new followers and orders for my paintings. Im most def gonna do it again in the future.

- Spazz

Thank you so much for allowing me to takeover SlickLivingTV. Your fans are great! I got to help a friend and nothing feels better than helping someone else. You’re the most humble celebrity I’ve seen on social media. I hope to takeover some time in the future again.

- Asia

Hey! Just wanted to send a quick thank you. It was amazing interacting with your fans. I literally got 100x the views I normally get (not an exaggeration). You’re doing an awesome thing helping people promote themselves. You a real one Khleo! Happy New Year!

- Diamonds Of The Bay

I just want to say thank you for providing a platform for people to showcase their brands, talents, gifts, etc. I enjoyed my two days in a row conversing with many different people. It helped me realize the impact my image and music has on the people who I touched those two days. I’ve gained followers and more motivation to continue to follow my dream! DT 702 aka Black McCaulay Culkin is about to do great things for the city of Las Vegas!

- D Trotter

Man y’all the real MVP for letting me take over ! It’s crazy the amount of people I’m waking up to ! The platform helped big time thank you. Im going to to capitalize on the opportunity given I’m just mad grateful! Blessings to what you’re doing fam!

- Avery Harden

I want to personally thank you for allowing me to takeover slicklivingtv, it has changed my life, people notice who I am when I’m out shopping or eating, I’m getting thousands of friend request and followers, I really appreciate the opportunity.

- Trendy Chef